The Adventures Of Blue Faust

An ordinary girl, extra-ordinary worlds…

Blue Faust had refined “starting over” into an art form.  New cities, new schools, new people.  She knew how to handle it all.

New worlds… that wasn’t in her repertoire.

Follow Blue as she deals with mysterious portals, ray-gun wielding kidnappers, demon-mounts, barbarians, flirtatious hooligans, clandestine organizations, mercenaries, secrets galore…

And finally finds the life for which she was destined.

The Forgotten

It’s time for the misfits to take charge.

An abandoned and forgotten Egyptian goddess follows her visions to Ireland, not quite sure what she’s looking for, but knowing she needs a change after millennia languishing in her crumbling temple.

Once there, she discovers a hidden community of those long lost to time; those struggling, just like her, to make a place for themselves in the modern world.  A community that holds secrets upon mysteries upon lies, a tangled web leading to the origins of the Egyptian gods themselves…

And their destruction.


One blind girl must defy an empire to find her destiny.