Blue’s Dawn

This adventure may be the deadliest of all…

Blue and her prida may have overcome one of their toughest obstacles yet as a family—gaining the approval of Felix’s Mercenary Guild family—but their original assignment isn’t over. While leads within the Guild haven’t panned out, new ones have come to light…

On Earth.

Now they are headed for Denver, Colorado, and Jason, which brings a whole new set of problems.

So Blue makes a new list, just for this operation:
– Bring down the bad guy.

– Don’t get killed

– Introduce guys to Mom

– Bring Trevon into the prida

– Figure out the mystery behind Jason.

Not necessarily in that order, of course.
When they arrive back on Earth, her list and her plan are thrown out the window.  What they discover will lead them on a chase through not only Earth, but back to Karran and the mysteries of the Waste, where they will face down an enemy more ancient and powerful than any of them knew existed.