The Flower of Middior Series

Shades of Power

Ferrin was a world ruled by magic. 
Middior, my homeland, worshipped it. 
My family’s livelihood utterly depended on it. 
I despised it, and loved it, in equal parts.

Jaenela Pior grew up knowing she would be an Earth Master. She would take over the family orchard when her father could no longer run it, and in the meantime she would excel in her Element, gaining connections and paving the way for her siblings when they entered the Academy as Aspirants. 
Her course was set, and she had never questioned it, never wanted to.
Now, her power has turned on her. The one person she should have been able to count on betrayed her. 
And she is thrust into relying on a group of men she has no reason to trust. 

Niall, Liam, Spencer and Jake aren't knights-in-shining-armor. They aren't even knights-in-tarnished-armor. But they could be the difference between the destruction of their world, or its salvation.
The prophesy will be fulfilled, and the Darkness will come. Old Gods and Forgotten Gods will come out to play. 

This is a tale of magic and adventure, of prophesies, Gods and passion. Above all, this is a story of love.