The Forgotten

A Forgotten Goddess (as part of the Shamrocked anthology)

Bat Sitru is a goddess.  Or, she used to be.  Well, technically she still is.  In fact, she was the one to unite the Kingdoms of Egypt and convince Set and Horus to set aside their differences.

However, when your own people have practically forgotten you and your only friend is an overly mischievous Bastet, it can be difficult to lay claim to the title.

When her visions – once faded – return to her, they point to a land in the north, one of green slopes, mist and rainbows.  Ireland.  They show her a hope for something that has long been missing from her existence – comfort and home.

Arriving on the eve of a celebration for a saint called Patrick, she wonders if the visions have led her wrong. She is cold, damp, and her landlords, the O’Loinsigh brothers, are not particularly welcoming.  On top of that she is confronted by a dead leprechaun on the rear stoop, a dagger that sucks the life of immortals, and territorial gods.

As the visions increase in intensity, her instincts as a goddess of the balance call for justice. And maybe, just maybe, she can carve a small place for herself in this land that teems with magic and with these brothers who hold secrets of their own.

The Expanded Story Coming This Fall...

I've been hard at work on expanding the first story, and continuing the series.  The first and second should be available in September, and the third soon after!