A Forgotten Goddess

Goddess. Forgotten. Dismissed.

Bat Sitru has been alone for millennia. Once the favored goddess of Upper and Lower Egypt, she is now nothing but a shadow of herself — no followers, no temples, and only the overly mischievous cat-goddess Bastet for a friend. When a lone vision shows her a land of green slopes, mist, and rainbows, she takes a leap and heads for Ireland.

But visions can be tricky, tricky things, as can the fae, even for a goddess. Arriving in Sligo, Ireland, she finds herself cold, damp, and with a set of not particularly welcoming landlords—the O’Loinsigh brothers—who hold secrets of their own. On top of all that, she is confronted by a dead leprechaun on the rear stoop, a dagger that sucks the life of immortals, and territorial gods.

As past secrets collide with the present, will Bat be able to carve a place for herself in this new land? Or will this goddess be forgotten once more?