The Final Melody

The goddess and her merry band of fae are officially on the run...

Or are they on the hunt? It’s hard to tell.

Separated from Dub and Shar, Bat can only concentrate on getting through the next steps of their piece-meal plan to defeat Balor of the Evil Eye. They have all the tools to take down the would-be god, now they just have to pull it, and themselves, together.

With new and unexpected allies, as well as a horde of sluagh on their heels, Bat and her boys race to find Tir Hudi and the cauldron before their enemies know they’re there.
In the end, it will be up to her, that once forgotten and abandoned goddess, to restore the balance and prevent the world from descending into chaos…

But amidst all that, the hardest part may be holding together the new loves she has found.