BloodLust by Auryn Hadley

It’s a treacherous road to belonging—and once you find it, you could lose everything.In an exotic world caught in the throes of a seemingly endless war, a nation of terrorists under the thumb of an evil Emperor has set out to systematically destroy every race but their own. And they’re just about to succeed. When […]


I was having a recent discussion with another author, and we were joking about pen names. They hide our “secret identities” (mine is less and less secret as time goes on *winks*). She said, “We just need superpowers.” Then it came to me. We have them. We have superpowers. All of us. It’s called imagination. […]


I’d like to talk a bit about bravery and courage, and what those mean to me and my characters. If you’ve read A Girl Named Blue you may have noticed a quote at the beginning of the book: “Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day […]

Just a Thought

I wanted to offer this thought. Not necessarily connected with writing, per se, but it is something that has been on my mind lately. In this world there will always be those who seek to bring others down, to belittle them, to demean and suppress and invalidate. They exist. Sad to say, they will most […]

Hello and Where Am I?

So, here I am, embarking into this thing called writing.  Actually, I’ve been doing that since last year, but now… NOW I have a website, and links to books, and am advertising and interacting with people and readers.  And while it is thrilling… It’s actually kind of terrifying. But I love it, and I’m here […]